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           Adhering to the concept of "24h service” in the service field, we are committed to providing clients with "one-stop, high standard and full cycle” service in a proactive manner. By signing strategic cooperation and long-term service agreement, we have improved conventional service and innovated service product, thus providing solid guarantee for long-term safe and stable operation of equipment of client. The business areas mainly cover six sections, including capacity expansion and transformation, installation and commissioning, maintenance and repair, spare parts, technical services and intelligent diagnosis.

           The Company has put forward the concept of "full life-cycle” product service, and takes the transformation from manufacturing to manufacturing service as its development strategy. Regional stations established throughout the country will provide clients with service of richer content, faster response and better experience.


    服務實力 Service Strength
    A number of maintenance service stations are distributed throughout the country based on the "4S" service concept, so as to narrow the distance with customers, improve the response speed and enhance the service quality.


    智能診斷 Intelligent Diagnosis

    Ad Advanced testing technology and equipment are applied to monitor the operating state of motor or system online remotely, and provide fault analysis and technical support by service personnel remotely, thus guaranteeing digital management of products in its whole life cycle.


    合同能源管理 Contract Energy Management

    Develop a comprehensive plan for energy saving and upgrading of equipment of client to improve equipment performance and efficiency, reduce energy consumption and increase economic benefits.

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